Child Custody

   5.0 stars

I have been very pleased with Kylie! She is not only knowledgeable and thorough but compassionate and caring. I can always count on Kylie to ease my nerves and answer my questions! Kylie always puts the needs of my son before anything else and I absolutely love it! Kylie anticipates every situation and helps me feel confident in all of the decisions that are made. I 100% recommend Kylie!

Marshall, Rapid City, SD

 Child custody case

5.0 stars

Kylie took my case right away and explained everything up front how things would go. She was helpful in every aspect and very confident and knowledgable. You can tell Kylie and everyone around her has a real genuine care for the best outcome for child care and client. She and her team are top notch all around they prove it. She was way ahead of the game when we needed to get things done and always had everything prepared and done extremely professional and to the point. She helped me win my case and get the best possible outcome while looking at my child's and my best interest always. I couldn't have asked for more. Thank you Kylie!

Brittney, Sturgis, SD

 Best of the best!

5.0 stars

Kylie took my case on short notice but you would never know it. She got a case together that stood firm! Not only is she an amazing lawyer, but an amazing person! She genuinely cared about my children and I! I am truly grateful!

Halli, Rapid City, SD


Organized, Confident, and Hard Working

5.0 stars

From day one, I knew that choosing Kylie was the correct decision. I was very nervous and did not know what to expect at our first meeting, as I was just served divorce papers the week before. After visiting with Kylie and taking the “first step” of getting a lawyer I felt much better. Going through a divorce is very stressful. Sometimes I felt as if I was on my own, I quickly learned that I was not. As the weeks went by, Kylie kept me informed and was able to calm me quickly when I came across situations that were upsetting (husband lying, court being cancelled, ect. . It didn’t take me long to realize that I no longer needed to put my energy into my divorce because I had Kylie on my side. Kylie was very professional at all times and told me everything that I needed to do and know. When Kylie was not available, She had/has s a fabulous support team and I was always able to get answers if I needed to call the office. Kylie always kept me informed and was very organized. If you are trying to decide on a lawyer, go with Kylie. You will be taken care of by a hard working, honest lawyer who will take care of business in the court room with your best interests in mind.

Ryan, Rapid City, SD


Top of line for lawyers

5.0 stars

There is no words I can say for what Kylie Riggins has done for my daughter and I. I encountered a very upsetting ordeal concerning my daughter and Mrs. Riggins was there and has been there for every step I needed thru this. I have and will always recommend Mrs. Riggins for anything that deals with any type of family law matters. I truly believe I would not be in the life that I have with my daughter if it was not for Mrs. Riggins and how she worked very hard for us and made sure things ended up right and the way it was support to. My daughter is my life and I would and will keep doing anything in my power for her and Mrs. Riggins knows this, understood this and feels the same way as any responsible parent feels. I am very thankful for having Mrs. Riggins.

Ashlund, Rapid City, SD


Excellent Person to work with!

5.0 stars

From the first time I meet Kylie, everything was handled with great attention to detail. She is always very attentive and pleasant to work with. All forms of communication were received and answers were returned quickly. There were many things that I would not have thought to put into the papers, but she did and I am thankful for that today. What we were able to draw up will last, because it was well thought out. I always felt very welcomed by her and all of the staff whenever I came into the office. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her and I highly recomend her to anyone.

Kaitlyn, rapid city, sd


Excellent Lawyer

5.0 stars

Kylie Riggins was amazing and honest. She did everything I needed and more.



So blessed

5.0 stars

Kylie worked for us to get temporary and then permanent custody of our nieces and nephew! She was available via email or phone when I needed her to be and always explained the next step!
She is passionate and cares about the outcome and she believes the kids come first!
As stressful as our situation was, I never once was concerned that our lawyer wouldn’t come through for us! As far as I am concerned the is the best in town!



5.0 stars

Kylie Riggins is simply the best.  Her knowledge and practical application of family law combined with compassionate yet straight forward approach was exactly what I needed during an obviously difficult time.  I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation.



 5.0 stars 

Kylie is an amazing lawyer! Treats every client with absolute respect and makes you feel like her priority.

Rebecca & Cliff, Black Hawk, SD

 Highly Recommend

  5.0 stars  

Ms. Riggins and her support staff were amazing!  I felt as though my concerns with beginning something that I was unfamiliar with were listened to as well as addressed easily.  On the last day she took her time to explain everything to myself and my family member and eased away the rest of the worries.  I highly recommend Ms. Riggins and her staff to anyone who needs this service.  Very pleased.

Lynn, Rapid City, SD

Great for Guardianship!

5.0 stars

Kylie Riggins was professional, organized, proactive, cost-efficient (didn't spend entire retainer), and caring.  I would highly recommend this team.

Brad, Rapid City, SD

Gradparent Custody/Adoption

5.0 stars 

Kylie Riggins took a difficult amount of information from us and with in hours had it ready to review and it was everything we wanted to say.   I always highly recommend this law firm and Kylie Riggins!