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Paul J. Engel - Family Law Attorney -




Paul J. Engel joined Riggins Family Law in January 2020 after a brief hiatus from the practice of law. In his 14 years of law practice prior to turning his focus exclusively to family law, Paul engaged in a diverse practice where he gained extensive experience in real estate transactions, civil litigation, misdemeanor criminal defense, and represented various corporate clients and business entities. 

A South Dakota resident at heart, Paul grew up in Madison before serving  in the United States Air Force as an avionics specialist from 1991-1995. In 1993, he took part in Operation Provide Comfort working on the aircraft enforcing the northern no-fly zone over Iraq out of Incirlik, Turkey. 

After the Air Force, Paul graduated from the South Dakota State University with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism. He obtained his Juris Doctor degree in 2005 from the Southern Illinois University School of Law where he participated in the elder law clinic providing free legal services to senior citizens, and the alternative dispute resolution clinic as a certified mediator.

He then began his legal career in California before returning  to South Dakota to take advantage of both its natural and economic benefits, to raise his children, and to be closer to his extended family.


Practice Areas


Family Law Issues Related to:


-Custody, Paternity, Third-Party Custody;

-Child Support;


-Premarital Agreements; 

-Cohabitation Agreements; 


-Cohabitation Agreements; 

-Gestational Carrier Agreements;

-Name Change;

- Gender Marker Change; and 

-Post-judgment Proceedings.